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Rio red - Star rubi - Argent.rubi red

Refreshing hybrid:

The round grapefruit, which was created from a cross between an orange and a pomelo, is mostly yellow, while varieties with pink pulp may also have reddish-coloured peel. Its 10-15 cm diameter makes the grapefruit an all-round beauty. The sour pulp is divided into segments and its colour varies, depending on the variety, from pale yellow to deep ruby red. Most varieties on the market have no seeds.

The different varieties of grapefruit are subdivided into two main groups: white grapefruit with yellow pulp and red grapefruit, of which the American Ruby with rosé coloured pulp, was patented in 1929. Varieties with pink pulp have mainly been produced in Texas ever since. Rio Red, Star Ruby and Flame have the highest market proportion and the darkest red pulp colour.

The tasty Star Ruby is mainly marketed for the tobsine premium grapefruit. The fruit generally comes from the Murcia region and is characterised by a deep red colour and an excellent taste. On request, tobsine can also deliver the rarely produced white grapefruit.