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Quality that bears fruit:

The tobsine quality brand was launched in 1969 by Fruchtimport P.vanWylick GmbH, Germany. As the representative of P. van Wylick, Wolfgang Pfingsten sought producers in the Valencia region, who were excited by the tobsine premium concept with uniform, demanding quality requirements. He built up the logistics network and mediated between the interests of the producers and P.vanWylick. In 1974, Handelmaatschappij P.vanWylick was included as an additional marketing agent. With increasing success, other selected producers and packing stations joined the partnership.

The same collaboration exists today – with 2nd and 3rd generation managers. In 1999, tobsine Espana S.L., Valencia was founded. P.vanWylick Netherland is now called the Staay Food Group and the German organisation is called vanWylick GmbH. The key to the excellent quality of the tobsine premium brand lies in the decades of partnership.

The target group of tobsine has always been specialist retailers supplying gourmet-oriented consumers. To set itself apart from its competitors, tobsine was the first brand to use coloured crates to present its goods. Then as now, tobsine green indicates natural, fresh fruit and trust. The tobsine® trade mark is protected in Europe.