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Hijos de Juan Pitarch S.L.
Ctra. Manuel s/n
46670 La Pobla Llarga
Tel. 96 259 00 06, Fax. 96 259 04 87

Coop. del camp Vilanova de Castello
Cami Vell pobla Llarga s/n
46270 Vilanova de Castelló
Tel. 96 245 00 40, Fax. 96 245 05 49

Sat 9425 La Cosa
Ctra. Apeadero 27
12549 Betxi
Tel. 96462 00 21, Fax. 96 462 00 24

Frutas Naturales S.A.
Ctra. Zeneta s/n
30588 Zeneta, Murcia
Tel. 96 882 29 11, Fax. 96 882 11 12

Packing Stations


Hand selected:

The selected producers deliver the fruit to the packing stations. They carry out another exact examination of the goods: Only fruit that fulfil all criteria with respect to freshness, clean peel, size and colour earn the tobsine brand name. Anything failing the stringent quality controls is sold under a different brand or used for industrial processing.

At the packing stations, the tobsine fruit Another selection process is carried out here: Once the quality has been checked by a machine, our staff pack each individual piece of fruit by hand and make a final selection using their experienced judgement.