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Sour and healthy:

Lemons have been cultivated in Europe since the 13th Century. The elongated oval fruit with yellow or greenish-yellow peel is characterised by its sour taste (citric acid) and a high Vitamin C content. Today's lemons were created by crossing a bitter orange and a lemon that was used for its peel. Mostly, its juice is used for preparing food and drinks. The grated peel of untreated lemons is also often used in cooking and baking.

tobsine lemons grow in the region of Murcia, where they have ideal growing conditions. A special aspect of the lemon tree is that it can simultaneously flower and bear fruit. So it can provide exclusive tobsine quality Spanish lemons almost all year round. From October to April, the Primofiori variety is also picked, followed by the almost pip-free Verna.