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Satsuma - Marisol - Arrufatina - Oroval - Clemenules - Hernandina - Clemenvilla - Ellendale - Ortanique


Description: Descends possibly from the mandarin "tsao chieh" in Wenzhou (China) which was introduced in Japan in the middle of the VI. Century. They need less heat to reach the right maturity. Out of the three varieties, the Satsuma Owari has an orange colour, a medium to big fruit size, a flat form, a tender fruit pulp, small quantity of seeds and a high quantity of middle quality juice that is caused by its low sugar level. The variety Clausellina has similar characteristics, perhaps some more juice and can be harvested 15 days earlier. The variety Okitsu has a bigger fruit size, a flat form, a lightly higher juice content and a smoother rind.

Juice content: min. 35% (norma 33%)

Stage of maturity: (Acidity/Sugar): min. 7

Transport temperature: 6º-8º

Storage temperature: 8º-10º